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Winston Peters and David Seymour will share the Deputy Prime Minister role. Peters will have the first half of the three-year Parliamentary term, Seymour the second.

Peters will be Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Seymour takes a new role of Minister for Regulation.

20-strong Cabinet will have 14 National ministers, three ACT ministers and three New Zealand First ministers. 

Nicola Willis will be Minister of Finance, Brooke van Velden will be Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, and Shane Jones will be Minister for Regional Development.

As part of National’s agreement with New Zealand First, the proposed foreign buyer tax will no longer go ahead.

ACT’s policy of speeding up the rate of interest deductibility for rental properties is restored is adopted.

The parties have agreed with ACT to re-write the Arms Act, and agreed with New Zealand First to train no fewer than 500 new police officers.

Sharing the Deputy PM role is a good solution – much better than having co-deputy PMs as the Greens would do!

Full Ministerial list is below:

Ministerial List 

for announcement on 24 November 2023


  1. Warranted portfolios are listed in the left-hand column.  Other responsibilities assigned by the Prime Minister are listed in the right-hand column.
  2. Appointees will be entitled to use the honorific ‘Rt Hon’ or ‘Hon’ only after they have been sworn in as Executive Councillors, or if they have previously been granted the right to use the honorific for life.
  3. Ministers will be Cabinet Ministers unless otherwise indicated.
PortfoliosOther responsibilities
 Christopher Luxon 
 Prime MinisterMinister for National Security and Intelligence Minister Responsible for Ministerial Services
 Nicola Willis 
 Minister of FinanceMinister for the Public ServiceMinister for Social Investment
Associate Minister of Climate Change
 Chris Bishop 
 Minister of HousingMinister for InfrastructureMinister Responsible for RMA ReformMinister for Sport and Recreation
Leader of the HouseAssociate Minister of Finance
 Dr Shane Reti 
 Minister of HealthMinister for Pacific Peoples
PortfoliosOther responsibilities
 Simeon Brown 
Minister for EnergyMinister of Local GovernmentMinister of Transport

Minister for AucklandDeputy Leader of the House 
Erica Stanford 
 Minister of EducationMinister of Immigration
Hon Paul Goldsmith 
 Minister for Arts, Culture and HeritageMinister of JusticeMinister for State Owned EnterprisesMinister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
Hon Louise Upston 
 Minister for the Community and Voluntary SectorMinister for Social Development and Employment
Minister for Child Poverty Reduction 
Hon Judith Collins 
 Attorney-GeneralMinister of DefenceMinister for Digitising GovernmentMinister Responsible for the GCSBMinister Responsible for the NZSISMinister of Science, Innovation and TechnologyMinister for Space
Lead Coordination Minister for the Government’s Response to the Royal Commission’s Report into the Terrorist Attack on the Christchurch Mosques
PortfoliosOther responsibilities
Hon Mark Mitchell 
 Minister of CorrectionsMinister for Emergency Management and RecoveryMinister of Police
Hon Todd McClay 
 Minister of AgricultureMinister of ForestryMinister for Hunting and FishingMinister for Trade
Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tama Potaka 
 Minister of ConservationMinister for Māori Crown Relations:
Te ArawhitiMinister for Māori DevelopmentMinister for Whānau Ora
Associate Minister of Housing (Social Housing)
Matt Doocey  
 Minister for ACCMinister for Mental HealthMinister for Tourism and HospitalityMinister for Youth
Associate Minister of HealthAssociate Minister of Transport
 Melissa Lee  
 Minister for Economic DevelopmentMinister for Ethnic Communities Minister for Media and Communications
Associate Minister for ACC
PortfoliosOther responsibilities
Simon Watts   
 Minister of Climate ChangeMinister of Revenue
Penny Simmonds   
 Minister for Disability IssuesMinister for the EnvironmentMinister for Tertiary Education and Skills
Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment 
 Chris Penk   
 Minister for Building and ConstructionMinister for Land InformationMinister for Veterans
Associate Minister of DefenceAssociate Minister of Immigration 
 Nicola Grigg   
 Minister of State for TradeMinister for Women
Associate Minister of Agriculture (Horticulture)
 Andrew Bayly   
 Minister of Commerce and Consumer AffairsMinister for Small Business and ManufacturingMinister of Statistics
PortfoliosOther responsibilities 
 David Seymour  
 Deputy Prime Minister (from 31 May 2025)Minister for Regulation
Associate Minister of Education (Partnership Schools)Associate Minister of FinanceAssociate Minister of Health (Pharmac)
 Brooke van Velden  
 Minister of Internal AffairsMinister for Workplace Relations and Safety
 Nicole McKee  
 Minister for Courts
Associate Minister of Justice (Firearms) 
 Andrew Hoggard (outside Cabinet)  
 Minister for BiosecurityMinister for Food Safety
Associate Minister of Agriculture (Animal Welfare, Skills)Associate Minister for the Environment
 Karen Chhour (outside Cabinet)  
 Minister for ChildrenMinister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence
 Simon Court MP  
 Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the        Minister for Infrastructure        Minister Responsible for RMA Reform  
PortfoliosOther responsibilities 
 Rt Hon Winston Peters  
 Deputy Prime Minister (until 31 May 2025)Minister of Foreign AffairsMinister for Racing
 Hon Shane Jones  
 Minister for Oceans and FisheriesMinister for Regional DevelopmentMinister for Resources

Associate Minister of FinanceAssociate Minister for Energy 
 Casey Costello   
 Minister of CustomsMinister for Seniors Associate Minister of Health Associate Minister of ImmigrationAssociate Minister of Police
 Mark Patterson (outside Cabinet)  
 Minister for Rural Communities
Associate Minister of Agriculture 
 Jenny Marcroft MP  
 Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the        Minister for Media and Communications  

Have read through the two agreements and there is some great stuff there – better than my expectations. Some of the stuff I’m especially pleased about:

  • Legislate to improve the quality of regulation, ensuring that regulatory decisions are based on principles of good law-making and economic efficiency, by passing the Regulatory Standards Act as soon as practicable.
  • Deliver savings in public sector spending by reducing non-essential back office functions, with expenditure reduction targets to be set for each agency, informed by the increase in back office head count at that agency since 2017.
  • Amend the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021 to remove the dual mandate
  • Repeal the Fair Pay Agreement regime by Christmas 2023.
  • Expand 90-day trials to apply to all businesses.
  • Repeal the Natural and Built Environment Act 2023 and the Spatial Planning Act 2023 by Christmas.
  • Replace the Resource Management Act 1991 with new resource management laws premised on the enjoyment of property rights as a guiding principle.
  • Remove the Kāinga Ora Sustaining Tenancies Framework and ensure appropriate consequences for tenants who engage in repeated antisocial behaviour.
  • Work to replace fuel excise taxes with electronic road user charging for all vehicles, starting with electric vehicles.
  • Allow landlords to issue a 90 day notice to a tenant to end a periodic tenancy without providing a reason or applying to the Tenancy Tribunal.
  • Liberalise genetic engineering laws.
  • Repeal the ban on offshore oil and gas exploration.
  • Restore Three Strikes legislation, with amendments to tighten the definition of strike offences andensure some benefit for pleading guilty.
  • Reintroduce partnership schools and introduce a policy to allow state schools to become partnership schools.
  • Replace the Fees Free programme with a final year fees free policy with no change before 2025.
  • Amend the Education and Training Act 2020 such that tertiary education providers receiving taxpayerfunding must commit to a free speech policy.
  • Disestablish the Māori Health Authority.
  • Require Medsafe to approve new pharmaceuticals within 30 days of them being approved by at least two overseas regulatory agencies recognised by New Zealand.
  • Repeal the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Smoked Tobacco) Amendment Act2022 to remove the requirements for denicotinisation and the reduction in retail outlets.
  • Implement sanctions, including electronic money management, for beneficiaries who can work but refuse to take agreed steps to find a job.
  • Remove Section 7AA from the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989.
  • Remove co-governance from the delivery of public services.
  • Ensure government contracts are awarded based on value, without racial discrimination.
  • Repeal the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngāi Tahu Representation) Act 2022.
  • Restore the right to local referendum on the establishment or ongoing use of Māori wards, including requiring a referendum on any wards established without referendum at the next local body elections.
  • Introduce a Treaty Principles Bill based on existing ACT policy and support it to a Select Committeeas soon as practicable.
  • Let Kiwis keep more of what they earn with tax relief of up to $100 per fortnight for an average income household and a FamilyBoost childcare tax credit of up to $150 per fortnight.
  • Build infrastructure with 13 new Roads of National Significant and four major public transport upgrades.
  • Reduce Core Crown expenditure as a proportion of the overall economy.
  • The Parties commit to establish a fast-track one-stop-shop consenting and permitting process for regional and national projects of significance. 
  • Cancel Auckland Light Rail and Let’s Get Wellington Moving and reduce expenditure on cycleways.
  • Commit to training no fewer than 500 new frontline police within the first two years.
  • Reform the Fleeing Driver laws to curb the increase in fleeing driver incidents.
  • Where appropriate, require prisoners to work, including in the construction of new accommodation in prisons or pest control.
  • Introduce the Protection for First Responders and Prison Officers legislation which will create aspecific offence for assaults on first responders which includes minimum mandatory prison sentences.
  • Introduce the Coward Punch legislation which will create a specific offence for anyone who injures orkills someone with a coward punch.
  • Investigate the introduction and implementation of Degrees of Murder Sentencing legislation.
  • Support to select committee a bill that would enact a binding referendum on a four-year term of parliament.
  • Ensure publicly funded sporting bodies support fair competition that is not compromised by rules relating to gender.
  • Ensure all public service departments have their primary name in English, except for those specificallyrelated to Māori.
  • Require the public service departments and Crown Entities to communicate primarily in English -except those entities specifically related to Māori.
  • Protect freedom of speech by ruling out the introduction of hate speech legislation and stop the LawCommission’s work on hate speech legislation.
  • The Coalition Government will defend the principle that New Zealanders are equal before the law, with the same rights and obligations, and with the guarantee of the privileges and responsibilities of equal citizenship in New Zealand.
  • The Coalition Government will work to improve outcomes for all New Zealanders, and will not advance policies that seek to ascribe different rights and responsibilities to New Zealanders on the basis of their race or ancestry.
  • Restore the right to local referendum on the establishment or ongoing use of Māori wards, including requiring a referendum on any wards established without referendum at the next Local Body elections.

So heaps I’m really happy about. This is a very good policy agreement. There are some things I wish had survived such as raising the Super age but you can’t get anything.

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