How the Empire will strike back against the new government.

is my thing. The has been an unmitigated disaster for many years – but especially the last six years. There has been nothing positive of note and the Secretary of Education and all of the Deputy Secretaries should step down.

Education in New Zealand is in absolute crises and the new has a massive mandate for change.

So what is the first move?

Iona Holsted – the incredibly failed Secretary for Education – under the two worst ever of Education (Hipkins and “losing the election is a weight off my shoulders” Tinetti) – sent Erica Stanford a list of the people whom she could choose to be the education lead in the new 's office.

It is official that Stanford has chosen Ellen MacGregor-Reid – a current Deputy Secretary of the Misery of Education. have had several dealings with her – the approach she takes an anathema to high quality and aspirational education.

This is like making Sauron the Mayor of Hobbiton.

For the transformational mandate in education this is a disaster and Stanford needs to re-think very quickly. Already the voters, children and families of NZ have been ripped off and disrespected.

Alwyn Poole
Innovative Education Consultants

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