Byron Clark calls working class Maori MP a class traitor

'm quite fascinated by this comment. It is such a Marxist thing to do is to declare someone a class traitor. I'm somewhat surprising that Clark didn't also call James a race traitor.

But as I said this tells us so much about Clark. He is quoted extensively in the as an expert on extremism, yet he is so extreme himself that he declares Meager to be a class traitor purely because he was born into a poor family and decided to become a National Party MP. Doesn't that tell you so much about his inability to be rational.

Now Clark has every right to declare James to be a class traitor. Please keep it up. But the ones should take note are the media who repeatedly quote him and interview him as some sort of impartial expert on extremism, when he has made it clear that he regards anyone not on the of politics as repugnant.

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