How do you not get train tracks the right size?

The Post reports:

New tracks, same old woes for the troubled Wairarapa train line.

After years of reduced-speed trains, bus replacements, delays and general unreliability while a years-long upgrade took place – the big slow-down is back.

This time, because the newly laid tracks in Wairarapa are too narrow and causing vibrations on the train. …

Areas within a 16km section of track near Featherston were found to have been laid on average 4mm narrower. …

While the vibration issue has had no impact on the locomotives pulling the Wairarapa trains or KiwiRail’s freight locomotives and wagons, its impact on carriages means trains cannot run at their top speed and are restricted to 60kph instead of the intended 100kph.

So commuter trips are going to take twice as long because Kiwirail couldn’t measure the width properly.

And some people wonder why the Government doesn’t intend to hand over $3 billion to them for the ferry project!

Personally I think Kiwirail should be back in private hands. When the taxpayer bails you out for all your mistakes, you have far less incentive to not make them.

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