Newshub to close

The Heraald reports:

One of our biggest commercial media company’s newsrooms – Newshub – is set to close at the end of June, with dozens of journalists out of roles.

Warner Bros. Discovery has laid out plans to close its Newshub news division from the end of June, and will apparently look to “co-fund” local news with a partner.

“Look this is awful,” Warner Bros. Discovery NZ boss Glen Kyne told staff at the meeting.

The company would look to co-fund local news but Three was now the “core” of the future business, staff were told.

This is sad, in two different ways.

A lot of people are losing their jobs, and have families who depend on them.

The other sadness is a loss of competition. This will leave TVNZ as the dominant broadcaster. We do have many new media players such as The Spinoff, Newsroom, The Platform and RCR but they don’t have the reach that television still has.

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