A backfiring campaign

Stuff reports:

The Dutch city had just launched a campaign targeting what it perceived as ‘party tourists’, including those who may attend stag and hen parties. But it seems the publicity has had the opposite effect, and interest in his business, The Stag Company, has suddenly soared. …

The questions on Amsterdam Rules range from “Would you like to explore the city with a drink or a spliff/joint in your hand?”, “what famous Dutch products would you like to try? Cocaine?” to “would you like a guided tour among sex workers windows?”

Another asks if visitors are in town for a stag do and anyone answering in the affirmative is told bluntly: “That’s going to be a hassle, it is forbidden to organise stag parties in Amsterdam.”

LOL. Banned stag dos

Those who “fail” the quiz are told: “Too bad … Considering your preferences, Amsterdam may not offer the experience you’re looking for.”

But the Municipality of Amsterdam has been called out for “spreading misinformation” as stag and hen groups are not actually banned, although certain large events like pub crawls are forbidden in parts of the city.

Matt Mavir, managing director at Last Night of Freedom, called the campaign “heavy handed” and “embarrassing”.

“To make a claim that stag parties are ‘forbidden’ in Amsterdam is factually wrong, and doesn’t stand up to any real scrutiny – how would any such ban, if it existed, ever be enforced?

“It’s spreading misinformation as part of an ongoing, sensationalist campaign to make groups of UK tourists feel unwelcome in the city.”

And achieving the opposite!

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