It turns out some tutorials are already segregated

After I blogged how segregated study areas could lead to serrated tutorials and lectures, a reader alerted me to the fact this has already happened. The Law Faculty AT Canterbury University advised:

This email is to let you know that the Faculty of Law, with our support is piloting a dedicated LAWS206 tutorial group for ākonga Māori who want to be in a like-minded group for the tutorials in this subject.  We are only running one group in the pilot to see how it goes so we are not able to accommodate everyone.  So, sorry if we cannot fit you into the group. The long-term goal is to have such a group operate in all the LAWS 200s, but we are starting with the pilot in Public Law only this year.

This is well intentioned but I think a very bad idea. What does it teach future lawyers if you start by saying, hey do you want to be segregated from other races? It also potentially leads to groupthink, and a filtering of contrary views.

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