One warning sign in four years!

Radio NZ report:

Only one warning sign has been installed next to speed cameras four years after a government directive was issued.

The AA criticised the lack of signs aimed at reducing speeds and tickets.

The previous government in 2019 announced a “no surprises” approach to speed cameras to warn drivers to go slowly through high-risk areas.

The signs are to say “safety camera operating” next to fixed cameras.

Four years later only one of the 60 fixed speed camera spots has a warning sign.

This is astonishing. After four years, they have only put one sign up. These are not houses, they are signs.

All that had to be done was 60 identical signs to be ordered, and then contractors hired to place them next to roads.

Did the Minister’s office ask for progress reports? Were timelines set? Who was responsible?

Previous police minister Ginny Andersen said in a statement the signs were not a top priority when she was in the role compared to police recruitment, gang crime and youth crime.

So the former Minister is saying that they just did nothing.

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