Two more strikes for the nasty party

Stuff reports:

Labour leader Chris Hipkins has ordered his senior MP Peeni Henare to remove posts on social media ridiculing government ministers including a cartoon image of ACT Leader David Seymour with faeces coming out of his eyes and an anus for a mouth.

It says something about the judgment of the former Minister that he would think it was appropriate to post such a cartoon.

Just imagine the outcry if a National MP had posted such an image of Jacinda Ardern or James Shaw?

It follows Labour MP Willie Jackson, on Thursday, calling Media and Communications Minister Melissa Lee “stupid” …

Labour seem to want to live up their reputation as the nasty party.

The sentiment was echoed by Seymour, “ACT’s a free speech party and he’s got every right to post what he wants, but everyone has the right to decide what they think of it, too.”

“My biggest worry is democracy needs a competent opposition, I just hope this post isn’t the best they can do,” said Seymour.

Labour seem to like polling in the 20s.

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