Two terrible attacks in Australia

There have been two terrible attacks in Australia.

The first, was the stabbing of 18 people by Joel Cauchi, with six dying. The method of attack, plus the fact an infant was stabbed, had many think it was a terrorist attack. But it seems it was a combination of mental illness, and hatred of women. The stabbing of the infant especially is incomprehensible.

The only silver lining was the heroism shown by various people such as “Bollard Guy” and the Inspector who shot him.

Two days later six people were stabbed at the Wakeley Church, including Bishop Elmanuel. The attacker was a 16 year old boy who was angered by the Bishop’s criticism of Islam. Again so sad to think of a child who thinks killing people for their words is justified. His smiling as he was held down by a police officer basically caused a riot, as it was live-streamed.

But the silver lining is the Bishop, who said:

“I forgive whoever has done this act, I say to him, ‘You are my son, I love you, I will always pray for you,’ ” he said, adding he also forgave “whoever sent you to do this”.

So two terrible attacks showing both the worst and best of humanity.

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