Auckland CBD unsafe for a govt agency

Radio NZ reports:

Stats NZ will abandon its office space in Auckland central at the end of this year after numerous staff expressed safety concerns about leaving the premises due to an increasing level of “intimidating behaviour” in the surrounding city streets.

The government department has even gone to the length of hiring a security guard for the 10 storey building on Greys Avenue.

They have also reassured staff they can work remotely.

An email sent to all Auckland staff at Statistics New Zealand, titled “Your safety at 80 Greys Ave”, has been seen by the Herald.

Stats NZ technology, operations, commercial and collections leader Emma Jones said she was “fully aware of the growing level of incidents in the area and generally intimidating behaviour”.

“At times it does feel uncomfortable just heading out for sushi at lunch,” she said.

Stats NZ will not be renewing its lease when it expires at the end of the year.

This is a terrible indictment on Auckland – a government agency saying it will move, because the CBD isn’t safe.

There needs to be a clamp down on anti-social behaviour so staff feel safe to go out for lunch,

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