Drysdale for Tauranga

Mahe Drysdale announced:

Businessman and former Olympian Mahé Drysdale has announced his bid to be the next Mayor of Tauranga at the Tauranga City Council elections to be held on 20 July 2024.

“My vision is that Tauranga is known as New Zealand’s best small city. I want to lead a new generation of strong and accountable leadership that can take our city forward.

“Tauranga has an exciting future. I was raised in Tauranga and I want the city to fulfil its potential.”

Tauranga has had challenges in the past years with governance, but Mahé says his focus is on the future and creating a modern, attractive city.

“We need collaborative and constructive leadership around the Council table. I will lead a team approach that brings voices and ideas from all parts of our community forward.

“My family has a strong tradition of community service and I’m keen to continue that legacy by contributing to the creation of a better city for the next generation.”

“The Council will need to manage the impact of population growth, major infrastructure builds and redevelopment of the centre city.”

“I bring experience in accounting and financial management to the table. I am determined to effectively manage the challenging financial situation that the TCC faces, due to rising interest rates and cost pressures.”

Drysdale is most well known as an Olympian, but he is a registered financial advisor and chartered accountant.

Nominations close on Friday. Candidates to date are:

  • Mahe Drysdale
  • Brian Friend
  • Anthony Goddard
  • Chudleigh Haggett
  • Ria Hall
  • Douglas Owens
  • Tina Salisbury

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