Most media again ignoring incitement to violence by Te Pati Maori

Here we have Te Pati Maori saying the revolution is here, with crossed guns as imagery. Sarah Palin got crucified by many media for merely posting an imagine of a politician in cross-hairs. Imagine an ACT MP posted something showing pistols and calling for revolution? It would lead every news story.

This is from the official Day of Action page. Just the usual stuff about the Government wanting to wipe out Maori, they need to seize power and get rid of the parliamentary system.

Bryce Edwards has highlighted the danger of this:

Currently, the worst offenders are Te Pati Māori and others aligned with them. Not only are they using ethnic-based slurs and attacks on people’s identities, but they are also using all sorts of evidence-free claims to foster outrage.  …

The new version of the Māori Party, which regards its predecessors as too moderate, has decided to escalate the claims, obviously in the hope of getting more attention. Now, there are claims of “extermination”, “systematic genocide”, and “white supremacy” levelled at opponents. …

Te Pati Maori have become the indigenous version of Donald Trump.

Well said.

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