The missing Green MP

The Herald reports:

Suspended Green MP Darleen Tana has passed an unpleasant milestone: she has now been absent for as many parliamentary sitting days as she has been present for this year.

Tana is on full pay while she is suspended, and will benefit from a backdated pay increase recommended by the Remuneration Authority, like all other MPs.

Tana has been suspended from the party since March 14, pending an investigation into allegations made about her husband’s e-bike business.

There is no way the investigation will have taken nine weeks. The Uffindell investigation took only five weeks to complete, and that was dealing with events from 20 years ago where witnesses had to be tracked down.

Almost certainly the Green leadership have the report, and have had it for some time. They don’t need to release the report, but they do need to tell us whether it substantiated the claims against Tana, and what the outcome will be.

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