The new Charter Schools Model

David Seymour has done very well here. A few notes from me as the model/curriculum designer for two of the 2014-15 launched Charter Schools. South Auckland Middle School and Middle School West Auckland.

  1. While I was involved the schools thrived at the NCEA L1 for leavers from the Middle Schools exceeded 80%.
  2. Soon after they became Designated Character (State) Schools – I left the Villa Education Trust that have established the schools. The first tranche of data was poor and the schools are now actively avoiding OIAs and statistical evaluation.
  3. There is huge need in NZ for schools that genuinely challenge the State system. In our State schools less that 40% of Maori or Pasifika students are fully attending. There is massive waste of resource and it should be notes that the first response of the PPTA today was to go on strike and deprive students of an afternoon at school.

I am in the process of forming a new Board to develop a number of brilliant schools. If there is anyone out there willing to come alongside I would love to hear from you.

Alwyn Poole
Innovative Education Consultants

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