Nonsense from the E-Safety Commissioner

Newshub reports:

Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said in a statement the regulator had decided to drop its legal action against X.

“Most Australians accept this kind of graphic material should not be on broadcast television, which begs an obvious question of why it should be allowed to be distributed freely and accessible online 24/7 to anyone, including children,” Grant said.

She said a major concern was the ease by which children were able to access the violent content on X.

So she justifies trying to impose a global ban on the documentary footage of the attack on the basis it was so easy for children to access it.

X had blocked Australian users from viewing the posts but refused to remove them globally on the grounds that one country’s rules should not control the internet.

But the regulator argued that geo-blocking Australians, the solution X offered, was ineffective because several users used virtual private networks that disguised their locations.

So the ease by which kids could access the content was that they had to:

  1. Try and access it and get blocked
  2. Know about VPNs
  3. Decide to download and install a VPN
  4. Configure the VPN to mask your location as being outside Australia
  5. Reboot the computer to activate the VPN
  6. Then access the content

Yes that really justifies a global ban.

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