Free Rick Giles

November 3rd, 2007 at 8:58 am by David Farrar

Some blog readers may know Rick Giles who has been blogging for a while.

Well he is currently in detention in the , and has been for over a month.   And what is this terrible crime has has been charged with?  He thought his visitor’s visa expired on 27th September (it was actually 20 September) and on the 26th as he was preparing to leave to Canada, he asked a cop for directions to the bus station.  The cop noted he was a couple of days overdue and arrested him.

Read the full story over at Solo. While Rick was of course wrong to have over stayed by a couple of days, it is mind bloggling to think one can end up in jail for weeks on end for this.  It also sounds like he is getting little consular support.

He still has no court date, hasn’t even been formally arrested, is just held in detention.  It sounds like he will be released and deported in a week or so – after six weeks detention.

This should be a wake up call for anyone visiting the US – be very very careful with your visa dates.  The consequences can be dire.

But it also reflects badly on the US – there has to be a better way to handle immigration than this.  I mean six weeks detention for a couple of days overdue – shocking.

13 Responses to “Free Rick Giles”

  1. bob.jenkins (1 comment) says:

    I imagine his release was more likely due to his argument being so powerful they had to release him.

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  2. Nil Einne (20 comments) says:

    I think the mystery of why the US bothered to detain him when he was about to leave the country anyway is now explained (about 2.5 years later). Probably they asked him why he overstayed and he told them his argument was so powerful he didn’t need to talk about it. While this is never a good answer, it’s a particularly bad one when dealing with the authorities as I guess he found out…

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