FBI Director heckled

Some boorish students at Harvard heckled the FBI Director during a speech he had been invited to give. What I find hilarious is what they were protesting over:

“Freedom for political prisoners!” the protestor shouted. “Justice for Herman Bell!”

So one protester was on about a 36 year old conviction of Herman Bell for shooting two police officers in the back. This somehow makes him a political prisoner. And incidentally nothing much to do with the FBI – was a New York state matter, except they arrested him in another state.

“We will never forget the role of the FBI in McCarthyism screamed Michael A. Gould-Wartofsky!”

And another is obsessed with something that finished over 50 years ago.

protests ranging from “stop the unconstitutional repression of the environment”

How the hell do you unconstitutionally repress the environment and what the hell has the FBI got to do with it? Perhaps they arrested it, and forgot to read it its Miranda rights!

“to close Guantanamo”

And do the FBI run Guantanamo? No.

So we had one person protesting for a convicted cop killer, another against a US Senator from the 1940s and 50s, another about the environment, and another on a military run detention centre.

I’m surprised one of them wasn’t also heckling the FBI Director for their role in prohibition in the 30s.

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