Mallard pleads not guilty

NZPA reports:

Trevor Mallard entered a not guilty plea when he appeared in the dock of Wellington District Court today to face a private assault prosecution

A status hearing has been set down for December 18. Also bail in the end was not opposed.

I’m surprised Mallard pleaded not guilty. I would have thought he wants it over and done with. On the other hand by pleading not guilty he forces the prosecution to prove their case, and if there are no first hand witnesses, then it may get thrown out.

As I have said before, I regard the private prosecution as a waste of court time. But citizens have the right to do these things.


This photo sent in by a reader.

UPDATE: The photo appears to in fact be taken by Kent Blechynden of the Dominion Post. It would be appreciated if in future people do not e-mail me photos taken from media websites, but just e-mail me the link. That way I know who to credit.

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