Closing Businesses

I can’t be bothered doing the normal debate on the stupidity of laws which prevent willing employees from earning extra money on Good Friday or Easter Sunday. Those who believe it is their job to “force” people not to work will never be persaded I accept. They probably opposed Saturday shopping also.

But what I do want to touch on is this reported statement by Green MP :

Meanwhile, Green Party industrial relations spokeswoman Sue Bradford said last week the party would like to see the Department of Labour given the power to close businesses for the day if they broke the law, rather than the current $1000 fine.

She wants the state to have the power to close businesses for the day, rather than just fine them.  Okay – how would this work when the Greens obtain power.

Will staff be arrested by Police if they refuse to stop serving customers? Will customers be tear gassed if they don’t stop buying goods at a store Sue has ordered closed? Or will Department of Labour inspectors just put up barbed wire fences around offending businesses?

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