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No Right Turn blogs that he believes the NZ First advertisements do breach the as “a reasonable person would regard it as an encouragement to vote for NZ First”. I agree. As Idiot/Savant says it is not a survey, it lays out policy and encourages approval of it.

Poneke has more on the BBC story on which got modified. The reporter denied he did it under pressure, but an activist has blogged she successfully pressured him to change it.

The visible hand in economics looks at fixed vs floating .

The has a solution for China over . It is to rename to Tibet, and declare they are all Tibetians. The PRC Government should see the sense of this now they are running a market – you replace a tarnished brand with a more positive brand!

Bernard Hickey has video and a blog post on ’s speech suggesting we are talking ourselves into a . Bernard says we’re not, and if we do have a , it is because we deserve it! Them’s fighting words! It’s a lengthy excellent post with many graphs.

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