Campbell Live from last week

November 21st, 2008 at 11:52 am by David Farrar

Two of the new National MPs had features on Campbell Live last week. Had quite a few requests for them, so Whale has You Tubed them.

– three minutes, 42 seconds

– four minutes, 20 seconds

Both really nice interviews. I did comment to both of them that the next time they are on Campbell Live, it will probably be because they have stuffed up badly – Government backbenchers do not normally make Campbell Live unless it is bad news :-)

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3 Responses to “Campbell Live from last week”

  1. NX (504 comments) says:

    Labour would kill to have candidates as good as this.

    Nikki’s answer about believing in equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome was gold.

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  2. Robert Black (423 comments) says:

    Good sign for National.

    I hope they can have some real impact.

    In such a conservative country.

    So, they have a fighting chance.

    There is nothing like poverty, high inflation and unemployment to get rid of conservatism.

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  3. Robert Black (423 comments) says:

    And dare I say it, I didn’t see many Maori lawyers in my ten years. I saw 3.

    One is now a Coroner Judge.

    One quit.

    One quit and came back I think and now is partner somewhere. And a pretty good winger for Waikato, wrongly accused for stomping someone’s head on TV, by that genius Keith Quin.

    I liked all of them.

    But, “positive discrimination”, what a description, helps Maoris get through law school. Maybe not those 3 who actually got through.

    But why?

    Equality of opportunity, means, give everyone a fair chance.

    No positive discrimination please.

    Ok Nikki?

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