Whale Wars

Busted Blonde links to incredible footage of the Sea Shepherd trimaran Ady Gil accelerating into the path of the Japanese ship which allegedly rammed it. Watch the wake of the Ady Gil as the ship approaches.

The crew members’ statement that the whaler was “trying to kill us, ramming us like that in the most hostile environments in the world. The only way to describe it is attempted murder” is simply ridiculous. Another ship, the Bob Barker, was close enough to see everything and the crew were rescued immediately. And the worst that happened was a clip on the nose and a few water cannons.

Typically, though BBC and some Australian newspapers have picked up on this, Stuff continues to headline that the Japanese ship “rammed” the boat. You have to search for the alternative article in the World section, halfway down, for any mention of the other side of the story.

Can anyone translate the Japanese?

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