Cactus names her number

Cactus Kate names her number – 15, while commenting on Warren Beatty’s number of 12,775. Cactus notes:

And before he blogs on the subject, six of the 15 men know David Farrar hence why I am very nice to David. He is above all (and remember this girls) a very good referral source and dating agency as he knows a huge amount of centre-right wing thinking men ;). Being exceptionally nice to him assists in keeping his gob shut.

Heh. She makes me sound like a pimp.

As I have been single the vast majority of that time, the reason the count is not higher is the difference between men and women I guess. I just can’t be bothered. That is, I would rather repeat with one of the 15 I know and actually liked than find new ones.

This is a big difference. Unless you are in love/lust with someone, a guy often loses interest after the score. Not all men of course, but a reasonable number. To some degree it is built in I reckon for the survival of the species – we’ve just learn over the centuries to practice monogamy.