Open Government 2010 Conference

Some readers may be interested in the Open Government 2010 (un) conference next week – on Monday 28 June in Wellington.

It’s an un-conference, which means the agenda is fluid – set by participants. It is free to attend, but you need to register in advance.

Steven Joyce will be doing an opening address, and other speakers or panelists include:

  • Colin MacDonald, LINZ CEO
  • Mirian Lips, e-Government Professor, VUW
  • Zachary Tumin, Associate Director for Technology & Governance:The Ash Institute at Harvard Kennedy School
  • Rodrigo Mizuno, Worldwide e-Government Managing Director:Microsoft Corporation
  • Clare Curran, Labour IT/Comms Spokesperson
  • Henk Verhoeven, Solution Architect:Intergen

If you have a passion for using technology to build a more open government, then consider registering to come along. Here’s one proposal I’d love a political party to adopt:

The Government every day is releasing mounds of information under the OIA – but only to the person who thought to request it. I’d love to see a pdf of every OIA response put onto a central website –, so anyone can see the information released and use it. A good taxonomy and search engine for the site and it will be a gold mine.

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