This would be a nice test for the BSA

A 13 year old uses the c word twice on television. But not in an offensive way – she was repeating a text sent between two teenagers (one of whom was her best friend) where she called him a rapist and he called her the c word. The TV presenter I thought handled it very well and said we need to be careful of language but says that’s all right sweetheart.

While such language is not generally allowed on free to air television, I don’t see that the network could do much about it. I do wonder what would the do, if this happened in NZ.

What is perhaps surprising, is that the 13 year old didn’t think not to say the word on air. It indicates perhaps that it doesn’t have a lot of shock value to that generation. Or it might just be that she was being literal in referring to the content of the e-mails.

Hat Tip: Murray Report

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