Goff flip-flops on Harawira

A fortnight agon ruled out talking to . TVNZ reported:

He said Labour would talk to the Maori Party if it was “in the interests of New Zealanders to do so”.

Goff would not, however, talk to Hone Harawira, saying there were “lots of things I fundamentally disagree with him on”.

He said Labour would also work with Winston Peters, though New Zealand First is currently out of government.

So two weeks ago Goff said he would not talk to Harawira, but he would deal with Winston or the Maori Party.

Today the Herald reports:

Labour leader Phil Goff this morning refused to rule out Hone Harawira as a somewhat unlikely potential coalition partner following this year’s election.

So that’s a flip-flop in just two weeks.

Labour have had five different positions on the Foreshore & Seabed. Will they also get to five different positions on Hone Harawira?

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