Mubarak goes

Yesterday on Twitter, an amusing tweet said “Uninstallation of Egyption dictator is 99.9% complete” and today it made 100%.

AP report:

Fireworks burst over Tahrir Square and exploded with joy and tears of relief after pro-democracy protesters brought down President Hosni Mubarak with a momentous march on his palaces and state TV.

Mubarak, who until the end seemed unable to grasp the depth of resentment over his three decades of authoritarian rule, finally resigned Friday and handed power to the military. …

Thousands from around the capital converged on the celebrating crowd in Tahrir, or Liberation, Square, the epicenter of the stunning protest movement that was started by a small core of secular, liberal youth activists on the Internet and turned into the biggest popular uprising in the Arab world.

The House of Saud may be having a nervous night tonight.

The people of Egypt have been freed. There is no justification for one man to rule as dictator for 30 years, and few should regret Mubarak going. Yes, he provided surface stability, but dictatorships almost always cause resentment and radicalism.

It is too early to know how the military will introduce democratic rule, and what risks this carries of an Islamist (not Islamic) Government being elected. But from what I could tell the Muslim Brotherhood was not the main organiser of the protests, and a vote against Mubarak does not mean it will be a vote for them.

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