Labour’s package

Here are details to hand. On radio shortly so won’t have time to check full details of timing, and whether the numbers add up.

  • Cullen’s envy of 39% put back on, but starting at $150,000
  • The first $5,000 tax free (which includes increasing benefits by $10 a week)
  • A of 15%
  • Boats will be exempt from the CGT.
  • A farm house will be exempt, but not the farm itself
  • Jewellery is exempt. So if you invest in a start up company which makes money you pay CGT, but if you buy jewellery which appreciates you do not
  • If you are over 55 and have owned a small business for 15+ years then first $250,000 capital gain is tax free.
  • No GST on fresh fruit and vegetables

I’d say tax accountants will be celebrating the extra work, if this came to pass 🙂

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