Grey Power against Asians

Craig Ranapia blogs this item from Radio New Zealand:

Grey Power is being criticised for calling on Auckland Council to review the number of Asian immigrants in the city.

As part of a submission for Auckland Council’s 30-year plan, the lobby group asked for a forum to look at the changing face of Auckland and the impact of different cultures.

’s submission is based on population forecasts which suggest the Asian community will be the dominant ethnic group in Auckland by 2040.

Auckland regional director Bill Rayner says the proposal is not meant to offend anyone, but many of its members want the country’s population to remain Pacific-based and not have such a large Asian component.

How sad that a group which purports to seek a fair go for older New Zealanders, exposes itself as having a racist agenda.

Immigration should be colour-blind. Individuals should be assessed against criteria such as education, skills, wealth and ability to settle and assimilate in New Zealand. When a group like Grey Power says they want fewer immigrating to New Zealand, what they are saying is that no matter what their individual qualities, prospective immigrants should be ruled out on the basis of their race or ethnicity.

There are legitimate debates about the pace of immigration, as excessive immigration can strain infrastructure. But that debate should be about the overall level of immigration to NZ, not about keeping one ethnicity out or down.

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