All this publicity for a study of 13 people!

I blogged yesterday about a study that concluded fewer people would take up socially if smoke-free rules extended to areas outside bars.  It was based on a massive 13 interviews.

I wondered how many outlets reported this study, and how many used their judgement that there is nothing newsworthy in a study of 13 people that purports to reach conclusions that are applicable over the entire population.

Well the answer is depressing. This is a list of media outlets that gave near uncritical coverage to this study of 13 people.

  1. Radio 531pi (news)
  2. Radio Live Drive (Brent Impey)
  3. Radio Rhema (Andrew Urquhart)
  4. Newstalk ZB (Larry Williams) (which to be fair had a go at the small size)
  5. Radio Dunedin
  6. Radio Rhema (news)
  7. Radio Live (news)
  8. Stuff website
  9. Herald website
  10. Adelaide Advertiser
  11. Launceston Examiner
  12. ODT
  13. NZ Herald
  14. ODT (again)
  15. TVNZ7 6 pm News
  16. TVNZ7 News at 8

Not bad for a study of 13 people – more media mentions than actual participants.

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