Winners and Losers

A couple of blogs have posts on who they see as the winners and losers on ’s factional warfare.

Eddie at says:


  • John Key
  • Russel Norman
  • Andrew Little


  • The Left (and NZ)
  • Grant Robertson
  • David Shearer

Winners in the long run

  • The Labour membership
  • David Cunliffe

Doesn’t sounds like it is all over, as Shearer has been trying to insist today.

Bomber at blogs:


  • Mainstream media
  • The Blogs
  • Emotional violence
  • Labour’s old guard
  • The unions & Labour’s membership
  • Mana & Greens


  • The left of the Labour Party
  • Democracy
  • David Shearer

Bomber also looks at three scenarios:

  • Shearer the King – rated a very low probability
  • Cunliffe the Challenger – a certainty if Shearer trips up in the next 3 months
  • Robertson/Ardern ticket – the only person who walks out of this factional fighting stronger is Robertson

Also iPredict has a look at the trading on the Labour stocks, and the timing of buys and sells.


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