Shearer wins Labour’s nomination

Congratulations to David Shearer who won Labour’s nomination, and commiserations to those who missed out. So who are the winners and losers:


  1. David Shearer – likely MP for Mt Albert
  2. Phil Goff – he got his hand picked candidate through, despite local resistance
  3. Russel Norman – Shearer’s selection allows him to campaign more aggressively for wing votes
  4. John Key – having Shearer in the Labour Caucus will reduce the impact of any cries of privatisation from Labour – not a get out of jail card, but will be useful.


  1. The candidate – Shearer will be tougher to beat than some of the other Labour could have gone with. His overseas work is appealing
  2. Helen Clark – I doubt someone who advocates replacing peacekeepers with mercenary armies would have been her first choice of candidate
  3. Phil Twyford – won’t find a seat as good as Mt Albert
  4. The other for Labour – the flying in of Shearer was a signal that the hierarchy was concerned none of them would win

Now of course six weeks is a long time in politics, and are fickle creatures. I know at least two media organisations are planning to poll the seat, so it will be interesting to see how it looks in a fortnight.

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