The Armstrong interview

Well I think he is still lying. If the interview was part of a plan of redemption, I don’t think it will work.

I simply don’t believe him over stuff such as the 2001 $250,000 donation to the ICU. He says he doesn’t like them and has no reason to defend them. But he has a reason to lie – he could face bribery charges if he admitted to it.

He seemed barely contrite over his treatment of people such as Emma O’Reilly whom he sued and called a whore and alcoholic. He says he has tried to contact her, and I noted he e-mailed just before the interview a journalist he had lied to many times (and had been one of his big defenders). To me this looks like it is all part of an organised campaign. Do the interview. Then send out unspecific apologies just before the interview airs. In the interview admit to just what you have to, and don’t give any significant details.

The second part will be interesting, but I suspect the first part had the most significant stuff. I don’t think there’s enough there for any sporting body to even start to consider a path back for Armstrong.

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