100% failed

The Dom Post reports:

The national agency has successfully defended a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority laid by Fiji-based sustainable transport researcher Peter Nuttall, which was not upheld.

Mr Nuttall laid the complaint in March and said New Zealand could be the most pristine environment in the world.

“But it ain’t. Instead, we are saddled with short-term, narrow-focused profit-driven free marketeers more interested in spin-doctoring a myth to the world,” he said.

Takes a special kind of person to try and sabotage his own country’s tourism campaign. No wonder he lives in Fiji.

His complaint was backed by controversial freshwater scientist Mike Joy, who made headlines in November when he questioned the integrity of 100% Pure.

You’re either being malicious, or a moron, if you take a slogan as a literal statement of fact.

I look forward to the Greens and their supporters complaining about the following slogans also:

  • Arkansas – The Natural State; how dare they claim to be natural when they have cities
  • Idaho – great Potatoes, Tasty Destinations; where is the peer reviewed evidence their potatoes are great?
  • Iowa – is this heaven?; a blatant false statement
  • Michigan – Pure Michigan; Will Nuttall and Joy complain about Michigan also?
  • Vermont, naturally; Another hideous false claim as they also have cities
  • Pure Russia; I suggest they complain in person to Mr Putin
  • Switzerland Get Natural; Gnomes are not natural
  • Maldives: Always Natural; Clearly false

I wonder if those other countries have to put up with the same idiocy?

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