Liar Liar Pants on Fire

When Corngate hit the news during the election the PM swore black and blue that she hardly knew anything about it and promised full release of all documents.

It has transpired that not only did she ring her brother-in-law (a scientist) to get advice on the issue, she also received a detailed briefing from one of her advisors on the GE scare. The advisors said that they could not be certain the corn was not contaminated.

Despite the promise of full disclosure, her own Chief Executive suppressed the memo from public release, even over the strong objections of the author. He claims he did this without the PM’s knowledge.

One has to wonder why such a respected civil servant would not comply with the public assurance given by his boss to release all papers. Why he persisted in this even after he received a strong complaint over the supression. Could it be because he knew the political consequences of releasing a memo showing the PM was fully informed of the issue, just hours after she had denied it.

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