A Good Party!

Thanks to Cat and Hamish for a great flat warming party at their place. You know it is going to be good when you realise that everyone at the bottle store is going to the same party.

The highlight for me was the dialogue between two sisters who were trying to get a guy to guess who was older. He was obviously very nervous at doing this, in case he got it wrong, yet they insisted. His valiant attempt to claim he could only work it out if he kissed them both was rebuffed. He then turned to me for assistance and asked if I could tell him which one was older.

I truthfully replied I could and helpfully informed him that the sister which weighs more is the older one. The look of slight panic on his face became total panic as he realised the heightened stakes now if he got it wrong. Was very very amusing.

Overall a fun night. Bad point was it was a spirts and cocktails only party which got a but messy, but good point was I had only 500 metres to walk home.

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