Helen Caesar

There are three reliable signs that Helen Clark is getting rattled.

The first is that she starts referring to herself in the third person, as Julius Caesar did. Stuff reports her statement that there is a “desire to smear the prime minister ”

The second is she becomes a commentator on herself. She often refers to herself as having a reputation for integrity (hello, paintergate, refusing to co-operate with Police, burning evidence). Again she does this in the NZ Herald stating “… I’m a victim of my own success as a popular and competent Prime Minister.”

The third is a total inability to distinguish the fact that people can disagree with her Government, yet be acting in what they think are the best interests of NZ. This often happens to politicians when they get complacent in office. They think that somehow they should be immune from political attack and regard anyone attacking them personally as attacking NZ.

Clark’s anger at the Greens (effectively ruling out any future role in Government) seems to be because they didn’t intervene to stop Marian Hobbs making a total idiot of herself at the Select Committee inquiry. Now one starts to get some idea of why the Alliance fell apart if that is the role the Clark sees for minor parties.

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