My letter to TVNZ

The hilarity that Pam Corkey displayed for the dead of September 11, as part of the promotion for her TVNZ show prompted me to write my first ever complaint to a broadcaster.

Ian Fraser
Chief Executive Officer

Bill Ralston
Head of News

Television New Zealand Ltd.
PO Box 3819

Dear Mr Fraser and Mr Ralston,

I write to you out of concern for the reputation of TVNZ after a broadcast by Pam Corkery on the 11th of September 2003. The broadcast did not in fact happen on TV One, but was on Newstalk ZB, hence this is not a formal complaint under the Broadcasting Standards Act. However the incident left myself and many many others who have commented on it, with diminished respect for TVNZ as her comments were made as part of an official promotion for

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