Was he drunk?

Yesterday on Newstalk ZB Paul Homes made a broadcast which today he has profusely apologised for in the face of near universal criticism.

Repeatedly calling Kofi Annan a “cheeky darkie” was stupid. He *may* have been trying to do a parody of how some people in society might react, but it did cross the line. To some degree the pity is that Holmes’ comments on the UN were 100% spot on, but this got lost amongst the “darkie”comments. To be fair to Annan I view him as one of the more competent UN Secretary-Generals, but the last one was totally incompetent, and one of the others was actually a former Nazi!

The joke about not keeping records so he is not Hitler was pretty bad taste also.

Just to show I am not totally without humour, I did laugh at the suggestion certain newspapers get very judgmental at certain times of the month.

The combination of the darkie, Hitler and time of month comments does make me wonder if he was drunk or high. I have no reason to think he was, but the reckless comments are the sort you are more likely to make when under the influence of something.

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