Summary of the summary against Ahmed Zaoui

The NZ Herald has published the SIS summary against Ahmed Zaoui.

For those who don’t want to read the whole thing, the summary of the summary is:

* attempted to destroy a false South African passport
* possible “casing” video included many places not obvious tourist sites
* visited mosque in Hanoi frequented by Algerian diplomats despite claiming to fear contact with Algerian regime
* doubts over veracity of an answer he gave
* twice declined refugee status in Belgium
* convicted in Belgium in 1996 of being a leader and instigator of a criminal association
* illegally left Belgium and illegally entered Switzerland in 1997
* undertook activities in Switzerland which the Swiss government saw as endangering Switzerland’s domestic and external security
* expelled from Switzerland to Burkina Faso in 1998
* convicted in absentia in France in 2001 of participation in a criminal group with a view to preparing terrorist acts

Just the sort of person we want to have in New Zealand, convicted in multiple countries of criminal activities, has ignored court orders, broken immigration laws and to top it all supports establishment of fundamentalist Islamic governments instead of secular ones.

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