Two fascinating polls

In the Dominion Post was a story about a large survey on race relations and treaty issues. The key points are:

* More than half of Maori want the Crown to retain title of the beaches, foreshore and seabed
* Over half of NZers unhappy with Government handling of race relations and Treaty
* Three quarters support for a deadline for land settlement claims
* Two thirds support a cap on payouts
* Two thirds of Maori see themselves as NZers first, while one third see themselves as Maori first

So over half of Maori NZers support National’s position on the foreshore for crown ownership.

Also the NZ Herald poll out today shows that National is receiving 21.2% of Maori support. At the last election National had only around 10% support from Maori, so this has doubled.

Below are the full NZ Herald poll results, with the seat allocation if they reflected an election.

National 45.5% 57 seats
Labour 37.0% 47 seats
NZ First 5.6% 7 seats
Greens 5.3% 7 seats
ACT 2.3% 0 seats
United 1.4% 2 seats
PCP 0.0% 1 seat

This assumes Peters, Dunne and Anderton win their seats.

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