Is Garth George mad?

I have never worked out why Garth George has a column in the NZ Herald. He seems to do nothing but whinge week in and week out.

Today’s column is a must read though, just so people realise how mad he is.

Firstly he seriously claims that “the increase in child killing and abuse and paedophilia which scars our land flows from that decriminalisation of abortion”. Hello blaming pedophilia on legalising abortion. This is not just drawing a long bow, but ripping it apart. Why not also blame AIDS, the Gulf War and NZ losing the World Cup on abortion also.

He also rails against the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Oh great, someone who wants to jail 5 to 10% of New Zealanders because of their sexuality which generally they have no choice over. Lets lock up the gypsies also.

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