Maxim and hate crimes

Personally I disagree with many of the policy stances on taken by the Maxim Institute.

But I find it disturbing the PM infers that Maxim is guilty of hate crimes. That is very strong emotive against a group which has every right to lobby for its views, as every other lobby group does.

Maxim’s PR person, Scott McMurray, used to work for National in the mid 90s. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet, superb sense of and not at all judgemental. Linking people such as Scott, and Maxim pushing family values, as being akin to hate crimes actually just backfires on the PM in my opinion. And ironically on social issues such as civil unions, prostitution law reform, euthanasia, republicanism, secular state I am probably much closer to the PM’s views than Maxim’s.

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