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If you read nothing else this week, you must read today’s edition of from Albany MP Murray McCully.

Read about:
* The senior Dominion Post editor whose e-mail to saying “If I can ever help, sing out. Vice-versa, perhaps.” which went astray.
* How readers are cancelling Sunday Star-Times subscriptions in their droves over their partisan and offensive headline comparing Don Brash to Pauline Hanson.
* How Auckland College of Education splits it graduates into three groups for graduation – Maori, Pacific Island and Tauiwi. Yep thats right European or Asian NZers are Tauiwi or foreigners/strangers but Pacific Island New Zealanders are not.

Also a good read today is the very funny St Molesworth. Not on line yet so copied below.

Top 10 reasons why Helen Clark didn’t make it to the Oscars

1. She stayed here to supervise media coverage of David
Benson-Pope’s appointment to cabinet.

2. She boycotted the ceremony in protest at Michael Cullen missing out
on a nomination for best actor in a comedy role.

3. Too many sycophantic NZ media types were falling for her ‘I’m
listening’ campaign.

4. She found out Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t going to be there after all.

5. She’s no longer impressed by big Hollywood stars now that she’s met
Pinky Agnew.

6. If she went to the Embassy Judith Tizard promised her lots of cuddles.

7. She’s too busy monitoring developments in Haiti.

8. Mark Prebble warned that she might encounter exposed cleavage.

9. Confirmation of her flight was faxed to her Auckland electorate office.

10. She’s still smarting after Dr Peter Davis referred to their Mt
Albert home as ‘Cold Mountain’.

Be brave and pass it on!

St Molesworth

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