Blog round-up

NZ Pundit has discovered Miss USA is not only a beautiful blond, but a republican who won despite not bleating on about world peace, but stated that as Miss USA she would use the role to explain why the in Iraq was necessary. vote she is made Ambassador to NZ.

NZ Pundit also found time to rebut Russell Brown on Iraq and Afghanistan.

People may recall the lunatics from the left declared the Iraq war was all against the US gaining control over Iraq oil. Well PNN has linked to a good article about how Iraq has voted in OPEC to cut production, a move which harms the US. So much for puppet regime hysteria.

Darkness Network has a link to a very funny letter to and reply from Coca-Cola.

Russell Brown has a good article on an offensive letter published in the NZ Herald, and civil unions. laughed out loud as old from Norman Jones re Homosexual Law Reform were found – he stated our “16-year-olds are virgin territory” and envisioned a tourist promotion along the lines of “homosexuals will come to New Zealand for sun, for scenery, and sodomy.”

A Labour MP equatred homosexuals with pedophiles in 1974 while a National MP blamed the of great nations and civilisations on homosexuality! Full are here and here. Even in 1985 a Labour MP stated that employers should be able to not hire homosexuals if it meant they might come into contact with them!!!

And in 1993 National’s Graeme Lee stated bisexuals were even worse than homosexuals, as they spread diseases to the heterosexual communities. Shit better avoid those bisexuals in case I catch something from them.

is being very loose with the truth by blogging that National wants Prince Edward to be our next Governor-General. Absolute crap.

One MP has floated the idea, which is way different to saying that represents a party’s position. With that kind of intellectual dishonesty could start claiming that Labour wants a seperate Maori only Parliament, just because Tariana Turia does.

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