Snow White and the seven dwarfs

I am not sure if it is MMP in process or a grotesque mating ritual, but the last minute negotations over the foreshore legislation have been either hilarious or tragic – I think both.

First we have United Future (Bashful) who have been the friendly Government lapdog. They vote for almost everything Labour asks them to, and in return get made to feel special by having lots of Ministers talk to them.

But after working with Labour for a year on the proposed legislation, they have been dumped for NZ First because NZ First has a couple more votes. So United Future have backed off just because two words were deleted.

Dunne has said the Government had to weigh up getting a deal with the wider context of its confidence and supply agreement with United Future. In other words he knows his party looks like absolute chumps who will be ditched by Labour the moment it is expedient to do so, so is not going to roll over so much now.

Then we have the Greens (Dopey) who got a phone call at 10.00 am (with a midday announcement planned) pleading with them to support the legislation or at least abstain on it. The Greens said to naff off.

And then you have NZ First (Grumpy). The Party that Helen swore she would never deal with, but in recent times has been flirting with her, as big bad Don is taking their votes. They have made United Future look impotent and got lots of publicity for nothing.

Snow White (Helen) must be really looking forward to dealing in future with either Winston who will negotiate through the media until you publicly back down, or United Future who knows they are just lobby fodder when useful and will be far less supportive in future.

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