Ongoing blog wars

Russell Brown has blogged about an article by Diana Witchel about a Gordon King’s poety competition blog post which was about a blog post by Russell!

I find it curious that he thinks Gordon is angry with the world. I think he is taking the piss most of the time, and am surprised anyone can really mistake that for anger.

He says Gordon had a wildly precious reaction when a few contributors to the competition had some fun at his expense, but again I fail to see what was precious about the fact he didn’t even delete their posts from his blog.

As for thinking they were a bit of fun. Fun involves humour and wit. One or two were okay such as:

This morning I read a blog called NZ pundit
And I was struck by how much it resembled a small dog tud
only on the web

But most (sampled below) was just moronic abuse, and frankly I’m surprised Russell is defending them.

Gordon King,
You are a tool;

I was reading nzpundit the other day
when it struck me that the guy who writes it is a stupid cunt
looking for a hand job from a soldier

gordon, pull your fuckin head in mate. you’re a complete dick, you know that eh?
wrong format, but merit award material.

This morning I looked at my penis before I got out of bed,
i was struck by its resemblence to gordons face;
only a lot better looking

The angry Gordon has responded with a poll on how angry he really is. I’ve just voted.

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