Reports today that the affadavit in Winstongate alleges $300,000 in cash was paid to former Winston staff member Ross Meurant.

Haven’t they heard of Internet banking – much easier? 🙂

I’m not going to comment much as this is all likely to end up in court. But three things I have noted.

1 – The affadavit does not allege, it seems, that she had witnessed the cash, just that Meurant boasted about it.

2 – Simunovich have denied their company has done anything illegal, but do not appear to have denied the specific allegation (think Becks not denying he cheated on Posh, just saying the accusations were preposterous).

3 – Even if Meurant did receive any money, that is different to Peters having received any.

It is possible that the money was paid, but it was by way of contract for services as Meurant worked for them.

Any opinions here are based on my reading of public reports. I am not suggesting I have any knowledge not in the public domain.

Stuff also has a story on the allegations.

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