Spending vs Growth

No Right Turn seems to see things in a very black and white fashion. In every single issue he comes across, the private sector or the market or profits are to blame.

Anyway in line with this black and white view he has proclaimed I contradict myself in promoting lower taxes to increase economic growth, but not wanting to have $30 billion of extra government spending due to economic growth.

The answer is of course quite simple. Yes I generally support government expenditure increasing as GDP increases, but not at the same rate.

An easy example. Would you rather have GDP increase at 2% and funding for health and education grow at 2% or have GDP increase at 4% and funding for education and health grow at say 3%?

Plus of course there is a legitimate debate about how much the state should pay vs people should pay. If a family has $10,000 less tax to pay, then they are in a far better position to afford services that the state will never be able to provide universally.

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